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You signed your life away at settlement, picked up the keys and moved your worldly possessions into your new home. As you start to unpack and find the right place to store things, you start to hear a funny noise that you didn’t hear before… Other things start worry you … how do your appliances work? When do they pick up the recycling? What is this envelope from the Office of Tax and Revenue? What did the Lender tell you about making your first loan payment?

Isn’t it a shame that there isn’t an instruction manual for your home? Fischer Real Estate aims to alleviate those questions throughout your home ownership. Not only does staying in touch with our past clients allow us to provide timely advice on home improvements or answer questions that keep you up at night, it also allows us to learn from your experiences and share those experiences with others.

Home ownership is routine for us. We work with it every day. And we can alert you to the pitfalls ahead of time. With our ear to the ground, we can advise you on upcoming tax assessments, on paying down your mortgage early or on getting the most out of your planned home renovation at re-sale. We intentionally stay in touch with our clients because we want to make sure your home ownership experience is the best it can be. While other Realtors are busy looking for their next transaction, we help you Own Your Home Better.

If you have any real estate related questions or if you know someone who wants to own their home better, please connect us.

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