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Walking a Tight Rope?

Sometimes it feels like that. You need more space. You need to move to a better school district. Or you’re tired of maintaining a 4-bedroom home and commuting for an hour to work. Whatever the reason, your current home doesn’t fit anymore. But in order to move, you need to get the equity out of it before you can buy one that does fit. How can you time it in such a way that you’re not homeless? That’s where the tight rope comes in.

Our goal in selling any client’s home is first to help them make sure that selling is the best alternative and if it is to build a marketing plan that will net them the most money with the least inconvenience possible.

The marketing plan starts with preparing the home optimally. Don’t overdo it.  Focus on accentuating the property’s best features. We’ll advise you on what to fix, store or change in order to make that must-buy impression. With our list of vendors, you’ll be ready in no time. Second, and most important to many sellers, is the process of pricing the property. Our pricing proposal involves an in-depth analysis of the market as well as a recommendation for your list price and an explanation of your costs of sale. We believe in minimizing surprises and maximizing returns. And finally our years of experience in marketing and networking will ensure that no buyer in the market for a home like yours will miss the opportunity to make an offer. We’re your Megaphone in the Marketplace. 

Chris Fischer and Fischer Real Estate have the track record and know-how to navigate the tricky process of buying and selling at the same time. With over 13 years of experience and more than $150 million in residential sales, you can count on FRE to manage the balance between buying and selling. It’s a tight rope act, but who better to help you than Fischer Real Estate?




Selling Process

From market analysis to the closing table, your agent will guide you through the home selling process.

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Home preparation is the key to success!